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OptiFlame Electric Fireplace
by Dimplex

Dimplex Bf39STP BF39DXP are a contractors dream
36" Dimplex Optiflame Electric Fireplace - Bold and inviting!

Bimplex packages include awardwining dimplex fireplace and dramatic cabinets. A homeowners and remodelers dream

30" Dimplex Electric Fireplace Packages include dramatic selection of cabinets making installation quick and easy in existing rooms!

Optiflame installations are simple!

36" Optiflame BF39DXP  is a contractors dream

The revolutionary OptiFlame electric Fireplace provides the realism and ambience of conventional gas and wood fireplaces, but without the expense, constraints and maintenance. The Pulsating led imbedded resign logs - animated leaping flames and glowing ember bed offer a spectacularly realistic image for less that 3 penny per hour

Truly a builder's dream, the OptiFlame one step installation requires only an electrical power supply!

Glowing embers, dancing flames, and remote control gives this fireplace the great look you want believe till you see it.

  • Consider this:
  • Installs in bedrooms
  • Has electric heater if needed
  • Remote control
  • Fireplace can be used 365 days a year without over heating
  • Zero clearance to combustibles
  • many sizes and trim options
  • for build in or cabinets


3 Trim kits available  click for larger image





Click images at left for larger view of installation options

 Technical Documents
Spec. Sheet PDF
Warranty PDF
Installation Guide PDF
User Guide PDF

*Model specifications for BF36Dx are the same for size but electrical characteristics slightly different: Voltage 120/208/240 Yield Power of 1650/2340/3025 Watts for 13.75/11.25/12.6 Amps

 BF39DX 36" Viewing Area Deluxe Built-in Firebox

  • New improved firebox, with realistic flame image. Built-in manual switches: flame only and flame with heat. Note: please order remote control and/or wall thermostat from the "Control Options" section below for BF39DX only. Remote and wall thermostat included on BF36DX.
  • Patented electric flame technology
  • Realistic flame image, log set and ember bed
  • Dual 120 or 240/208 voltage compatible
  • Operates with flame only and flame with full heat
  • Easily accessible manual controls
  • Optional field installable remote control kit and optional wall-mount thermostat available
  • Optional glass doors install with no tools
  • Smooth edges allow for flush mounting to drywall/tile or for installation into finished wall cavity
  • Dimensions 39" W x 32.8" H x 15.3" D
 Control Options
  3-stage remote control kit,
flame only, half heat, full heat (includes control module & hand held transmitter), field installable.


  Ivory wall mount thermostat,
field installable.
  White wall mount thermostat,
field installable.
  Plug kit includes 7 cord (approx.) and plug, field installable for use at 120V setting only. (Wall thermostat option not available with plug kit.)

 Trim Options
  Glass Doors  
  Black Accent BFDOOR39BLK
  Polished Brass Accent BFDOOR39PB
  3-piece Surround Trim  
  Black BFKIT39BLK
  Polished Brass BFKIT39PB
  Stainless Steel


 Cabinet Options
  Flat Wall  
  Oak BC39O1
  White BC39W2




Questions & Answerers

Q. Is the OptiFlame expensive to operate?
A. No! The patented flame technology uses under 300 watts of power. Based on average electricity rate, the unit operates at only 2 - 3 cents/hr. With full heat on, the cost to operate both flame and heater is as low as 8 cents/hr.

Q. How efficient is the OptiFlame?
A. The OptiFlame is 100% efficient.  All of the energy supplied to the unit is effectively converted into heat which remains in the room. Conversely, vented gas fireplaces produce under 70 -80% efficiency, while the remaining 20 - 30% of the energy vents to the outside.

Q. Will the OptiFlame provide appropriate warmth and comfort in a room of any size?
A. The OptiFlame distributes a warm and even heat over a wide area through a quite fan-forced heater.  It produces up to 10,000 BTU of total heat.  Working with the home's primary heating system, the OptiFlame can warm up almost any size of room without overheating

Q. Can I enjoy the full visual effect of the flames and glowing embers without heat being produced?
A. Yes! Your remote control allows selection of the thermostatically controlled fan-forced heater or flame or both. You can enjoy your fireplace even when the weather is not quite cold enough for conventional gas logs.

Q. Will the OptiFlame heat my home when the power is off?
A. No! the Optiflame requires electric power to operate.

Q. Are there any odors or emissions from the OptiFlame?
A. No! The optiflame is a zero emission electric appliance making it a great choice for environments that must remain odor and emission free. ( For Oxygen Patients, or odor sensitive individuals.)

Q. If Glass Doors are used can they be left closed when burning the OptiFlame?
A. Yes! Glass doors can be left closed for that special look or to keep children and pets out of the fireplace. No surfaces become dangerously Hot.